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A longer, healthier and happier life

Our lives are full of factors that accelerate aging: processed food, a lack of physical activity, and increased stress. What if there was a natural way to age better?

GRACE is 100% artisanal nutrition for exceptional performance and well-being.
The state-of-the-art in advanced nutrition from eggs and grape seeds.
GRACE optimizes your health to perform at the highest physical and mental level, empowering you to be the best version of yourself at work, at home, and in training.

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Amino Acids

100% Higher
On average, GRACE yolks' amino acidslevel is 100% higher than other yolks


Grace Nutrition


The PAOT Score expresses the antioxidant power of a product, measuring its ability to neutralize free radicals. In April 2019, the European Antioxidant Institute (IEA) awarded GRACE a PAOT score of 65.4/g, demonstrating its very high antioxidant power.



73% More
A GRACE yolk boasts 33.7g per 100g. When combined with our egg whites – the only egg-based product to do so – the protein concentration increases to 48g per 100g.


Grace Bag


Of research &

certified lab results

100% natural and organic

73% more protein

keto diet friendly

highest antioxidant rate

100% higher level of amino acid

3 Metabolic


The organic compounds that serve as building blocks for every protein in the human body.

Without them, our cells can’t assemble the enzymes needed for life.


Amino Acid Graph

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These molecules boost the production of enzymes that eliminate free radicals.

This stimulates the body’s natural defence against aging while improving cardiovascular health and performance.

Unique to Grace, we add antioxidant-rich grape seeds. These polyphenols fight oxidative stress – the imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants in our bodies – while promoting good gut health, an essential ingredient to our well-being. This grape seed powder is produced naturally – without any chemicals.

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Proteins provide the basic structural components of our muscles, brain, nervous system, blood, skin and hair.

Eggs are the most digestible protein source. 


Grace Protein Graph

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Grace’s benefits

Functional benefits

Faster muscle regeneration and soft tissue repair

Faster muscle growth

Reduced fatigue

More energy for work, sports, family & friends

Boosted immunity for disease prevention and cardiovascular health

Brain functions preservation with DHA

Grace Metabolic Booster

Emotional benefits

Peace of mind: 100% natural

Prolonged vitality

No nutrition-induced mood swings

No digestive distress

No unhealthy spikes in blood sugar

The best is yet to come

Due to our commitment to sustainability, GRACE is produced in selected quantities.
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